by England in 1819

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released February 28, 2012



all rights reserved


England in 1819 Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Brothers Andrew and Dan Callaway have created their own unique 'grandwave' sound, combining Andrew's smooth vocals and Dan's soaring french horn with thick synths and pounding beats.

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Track Name: Air That We Once Breathed
And in the mean time, a shadow, a wave over paper. Light burns away. Hours seemed to be days in the eyes of those still drawing. Darkness in, grows on, sight. I won't die howling, we're better off this way. So leave me on the hunt, with spring born from our lungs, with the air that we once breathed.
Track Name: Blue Ribbon
Laying a base on, in between words, phrases. Rocks mark your feet in sun. Beads glisten your glass and face. Laying for hours as the national plays out. The batteries died with our chance at first, and all of us that just came close.
To all that you got caught up in. To all your strengths that don't show. Enter the old healer. Blue ribbon, sparks and your face.
You say California, you found a job, that's cool. You hang out in oceans and don't write back to me. Streamers fall down on you, I'm still here. A day stole from salvation.
I know what it's like, to be one, and be left out. Keep an open mind, no. The only way that I could know for sure, when you say that we could work this time.
And if this finds you in happiness, you're the one who's fortunate. Open sun hills where you walk, the snow falls in Saginaw.
Track Name: Chaplin Speaks
Earth gives us our safes to lay, though stillness seems a creeping grave. Under terror, stay crouching down, be still at once, these rising men.
We had it made, because we were the ones that passersby thanked in prayer and people of power relied on our wings. A country saddled, rides. It was on our backs, this weight is what guides the guardians of war.
Run for your lives. Sharp and straight paths we decide. Fear's the wind that pushes on and only feet that fly come home.
What have we become? Animals with guns, a darkness that grows at the sight of others' bones. Take comfort in this moment, oh, my warrior.
Track Name: Skyscraper
There’s a sea between us, flowing with love’s remorse. There’s a bridge between us, built over what we lost. Tied from end to end, from tip to tip, from a place in each of us, that stretches and reaches out. The first few stones splashed by our horrid ways, hoped and prayed for since birth. The waves are pain as we realized what our lives were worth. Our bones grow weak, an island sinking down, but our bridge remains. Our thoughts and hopes, what we wish we could have been, they are the rocks, that keep it alive, and keep me connected to you. You only liked on paper, skyscraper. I’m the one in dire need of a wounded co-conspirer and you’re my tyrant.
Track Name: Waterfall
You want it all, your arms stretched open, they're bigger than your eyes indeed. A waterfall of greed flows through you, you try to hold, she'll only break. She loves it all, she's so wide open, more fragile than you'll ever be. A waterfall, building emotion. You try to hold, she'll only break.
Track Name: The Elephant
You could take this ocean home if they weren’t so uptight. You could be the only one to be their true idol mind. Am I right? Do we take away what’s inside? Do we burn through our lives on that same fine line? Because I’m tied, but the post is in my mind. It’s the wrong line of sight that ends up tying us down. I feel like the only one standing ashore, looking out and seeing cloud. Because I’m tied, but the post is in my mind. If I fight, I could break it just in time. And I could really use a break from you.
Track Name: To Sea in a Sieve
Apart, we don't want start a fire, we don't want to be ignored, we don't want to start a war. Windows see themselves as doors, I'll take my own, gun, home. How? A window's what you want now, leave the open door you've found, stay to be a part, somehow. I'll take my own, son, home.
Track Name: Alma
Wooden walls, a barn, seeded up in rows. Foxes' voices coming from the roost. What frightens you? What scares you? What feeble thoughts grow and mold in your mind, changing the steps you take, as your feet just gladly follow your eyes?
Everyday, it's the same rope that could save a broken climb up from peril, ends up under his chin.
He sleeps best, while doors left ajar, in secret hopes, someone reaches, go.
Pages found at first beneath a broken climber's floated feet, and now engraved in stone above. Opened, turning, I learned of everyday.

I've been on my own, taking it all in time, wondering where the light will come from.
And all this holding back, draws me up inside, dried from overuse, a well, my worry.
There's nothing quite as bad, as waking up everyday, seeing how the world goes on without you.
I just need someone, I could be the walking stick, you can choose the route, just take me along.
I've been on my own, fighting the waves at sea, I hopelessly shoot at an ever-changing foe, everyday.