Summer Lightning EP

by England in 1819

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released October 21, 2014

Recorded by Mark Miller - Wheresville Studios, Spartanburg, SC.
Mixed by Derek Garten - Prime Studios, Nashville, TN.
Mastered by Joe Palmaccio - The Place...for Mastering, Nashville, TN.



all rights reserved


England in 1819 Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Brothers Andrew and Dan Callaway have created their own unique 'grandwave' sound, combining Andrew's smooth vocals and Dan's soaring french horn with thick synths and pounding beats.

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Track Name: Pine
Make the world a ball of fire, then we’ll shoot it off. River bends, spokes are silent. Wind runs through our sides. In your hand, sparklers glow. In your mouth, a fire. My blue-eyed porcupine, twisting. Starlight, rolling bikes, drifting.
Track Name: Petal
Panic and bones, overexposed, petals on the floor. Trying for words, only because I don’t see you around anymore. Reciting a list of horrible thoughts I’m trying to avoid. Spending some time with pieces of glass that talk to me like before. Intelligent design, spiders on your spine parallel the way you move, creeping into darkness too. Take care opening your toys. I’ll be fine, I’ve got my own thing and you’ve got Anthony. Ironclad, headphone blast, can’t escape your noise. Quick to say, long to live. Don’t see you around anymore. Never really knew you but I know that you were nothing without your frame.
Track Name: Lights
Sunrise underlines the miles we wandered through. Tonight we waited for Fireball Electric Tomorrow. Pull us under, the city lights have spoken. 2013 and dreaming. Faith revival, we’re running through your alleys. Summer fell into everything. Reedy legs on pedals, dark green tattoos. Passing cars and petals are all my thoughts of you.
Track Name: Himmel
Amira flashes her eyelids, flames in the darkness, send summer lightning, giving me signs. We spend time, spinning in crossroads, breaking through windows, painting a good friend of mine. Far away, on our own. Drifting through the dawn. Amira, rivers within us, rivers surround us, rivers that join us, rivers that bind. We spend time, planets below us, our himmelskibet, now that we’re sailing through skies. We can share the same secret, dreams of light-blue lightning. A beacon, lit by ghosts of givers, spectres, to lead us down their rivers, unwind in distance for all time.
Track Name: Our Own God
Breathe electric clouds, light my fire mouth. Crashes over buildings, out of sight for now. Wings over shores, raised our burning forms. Pull away our shadows, let them fall to ground. We’re on a mission from our own god. Our first beliefs are stones in cemeteries. They can never hold us, order when to bleed. Birth to what inspires, flames and satellite smiles. Escaping over skylines, every night. Last night I built a pyre with you.
Track Name: Sirens
We burn through nights into days, keep it in flames. Sirens and ghosts know our names. Victorian mausoleum, New Orleans. Keep us warm for forever. Tell me more about the funeral line ahead, send a picture from the dance in the sky. Glory glory, say it slowly.